BIG HUGS to all of you who are helping round up family members to RSVP.  WOW!! Our  reunion and dinner list is taking of
BIG HUGS to all of you who are helping round up family members to RSVP. WOW!! Our reunion and dinner list is taking off like WILD FIRE!

Please make sure your name is on our 
list just below the silly faces.

  To be added...
a. Go to   Ruby's Inn & RSVP  page

b. Scroll down past the pool photo

c. Click on  SELECT AN EVENT 

d.  We hope you will RSVP for both  2010 Faris Family Reunion 
and  Faris Finale Dinner

NOTE: Only Sat Finale Dinner requires a ticket purchase - Prices: $15 each for adults, children 12 and under 1/2 price. 

VERYONE is encouraged to also sign our   Guest Book 
... even if you are unable to join us this summer @ Ruby's.
Your personal message will post for all of us to enjoy!

Choose Event:

Guest RSVP'd
Anthony Velazquez
Brenda Watkins
Brad, Debbie, Bailie And Kameron Walker
Ruth Christ
Frank Koefelda
Doug And Lindsey Korin
Dave And Sharon Trageser
Don And Jayne Faris
Duane, Shannin, Taylor And Cory Preshinger
Callie, Carson And Bennett Hendrickson
Kristin And Family Misenar
Janet And Robert Fairchild
Vince And Cleo Koefelda
Bernice And Bob Grieb
Gracie And Joe O'Brien
Larry And Polly, James, Brian And Abby Powell
Leigh And Mike,Kyle, Alexander And Wesley Marienthal
Michael, Lisa, Bryant And Marissa Norskog
Amber And Ed Plant
Bill And Jean Walker
David And Sue Walker
Brandy Johnson
Tyler And Elizabeth Walker
Susan And Mike, Nick Seaburg
Twyla And Paul, Erica (Bradshaw) Lusk
Kathy Morris
Kim And Ed Silbaugh
Charlie Christ
Bill And Karen Lochray
Kathy And Mike Morris
Mary And Sam Tinkle
Robert, Jody And Claire Powell
John Powell, Jr.
Lori Gach (Duffy)
Pam And George, Callie And Garrett Duffy (Lattin)
Marty, Theresa And Preston Norskog
Leslie Cope
Arthur And Lorraine Christ
Dennis And Jan Duffy
Bridget And Justin Hutchinson
Tom And Jennifer, Heather, Charles "CJ" Smith
Jim And Eileen Duffy
Betty Gipe
Emmett And Debbie And Family Walker
Renee' Barron
Gary And Penny Powell
Wendy, Bill, Emily And John Gage
Ralph And Sylva Christ
Darold And Lorrie Biltoft
Colin Misenar
Neal And Barb Misenar
Leigh And Thelma Norskog
Chris And Jo Powell
Eileen Trageser
Christopher Faris
Dennis And Sandy Faris
Russ And Marilyn Faris
Ryan "Rusty", Kelly And Rhys Faris
Terry And Birdie Faris
Lois And Wendall Harness
Wendall (Dubs), Marcus And Dillan Harness
Joyce And Dale Korin
Kay McKay
Lora Bresson
Luke Brown
Matt Brown
Fred, Monica And Carl Christ
Sandy & Dave Faris
J.P. Duffy
Penny Gipe Franz
Jeane Koefelda
Mike, Barb, Paul And Robert Lorsbach
Debbie And Barry Martin
Kim Silbaugh
Tom And Cindy Duffy
Jessica Gach
Sarah Gach
Chad Duffy
Pat Henderson
Nita Swope
Mable Walker
Liz Christ
Donna Powell
Conrad Duffy
Pam Duffy (Lattin)
Total 86