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Our 2010 Family Branch Coordinators **

--> Reach out to branch members - We'd LOVE  to see everyone @ Ruby's
--> Keep Co-chairs (Gary & Wendy) in loop with family branch plans
--> Rally branch members to post on website (guest book, family pages, family tree)
--> Get branch members who plan to attend reunion to RSVP ...early!
--> Get branch members who can't attend reunion to still share contact info
            by clicking on SELECT EVENT on bottom of Ruby's Inn & RSVP page.
--> Encourage creative members to contribute wares to our Family Gallery... 
--> Help recruit talent for our Faris Family Follies... We got talent, right!  
Our Karaoke collection includes songs from the 40s, 50, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s...! 
--> Invite family to get as involved as their heart desires!

--> Coordinate same color T-SHIRTS for family branch.
  Mabel Walker's family remains maroon 
2010 Coordinator Renee' Barron has branded Lois Tucker's family light blue Sandy Faris' lassoed dark blue for Don's branch.
Terry Faris is hanging on tight to sage green for Bob's Branch.
Reunion Co-Chair is latching on to Lucille's traditional  yellow gold.  
Liz Christ picked purple for Zelma's branch.
Jeane Koefelda still has her cherry red shirt for Ruth's branch!
Eileen Trageser steps out with classy black for Dora's branch.
Ken Faris has opted for dramatic tai dye for Calvin's branch.

** We need ONE  more BRANCH COORDINATORS to complete our FARIS FAMILY TOP 10!

Please contact Wendy and Gary if your are interested in serving in this way.  Thank you!


Zelma's Branch:            Liz Christ       lizchrist@gmail.com 
     James, Ralph, Arthur, Helen, Lois

Ruth's Branch:   Leigh Marienthal     leighmarienthal@gmail.com 
     Jeane, Vincent, Frank, Bernice

Dora's Branch:    Eileen Trageser    eileentrageser@hotmail.com 
     Eileen, Mary, William

Roy's Branch:      
2010 Coordinator ____??_____

Calvin's Branch:     Ken Faris     kenshir@comcast.net
     Kenneth, Marjorie

   Lucille's Branch:     Lori Gach     lorigach@comcast.net 
     Ann Lucille, John, Gary

Mabel's Branch:     Betty Gipe          gipe7481@comcast.net 
     James, Betty, William, Joyce, Larry, Susan, David

Lois' Branch:        Renee' Barron     reneebarron@charter.net 

     Barbara, John, Shirley Renee', Patricia, Nita, Sabrina

Bob's Branch:          Terry Faris       grandcanary@centurytel.net 
     Dennis, Donald, Terry

Don's Branch:        Russ Faris        faris_7@msn.com 
     Sandra, Russell, Janet
Front row:  George (Bob), Calvin, Donald, Roy  Back row:  Lucille, Dora, Ruth, Lois, Mabel, Zelma
Front row: George (Bob), Calvin, Donald, Roy Back row: Lucille, Dora, Ruth, Lois, Mabel, Zelma