Jean Koefelda thinks this photo is from our FIRST FARIS FAMILY REUNION.  It was taken in the summer of 1926 in honor of
Jean Koefelda thinks this photo is from our FIRST FARIS FAMILY REUNION. It was taken in the summer of 1926 in honor of Edward & Nora's 25th Anniversary who were married on April 26, 1901. back l-r: Cal, Dora Lochray, Edward holding Don, Nora, Zelma Christ, Ruth Koefelda, Roy. front l-r: Lois, Lucille, Bob, Mabel
 Lots of fun stuff happened at our 2010 Faris Family Reunion! 

 Thursday, July 15 
Many folks arrived early to get settled, help set up & begin celebrating with FAMILY.  A good many of us found our way to Ryan "Rusty" Faris' Central Bar N Grill for a GOOD TIME IN THE OLD TOWN TONIGHT. Others of us stayed closer to Ruby's... Conversation, hugs and laughter were non-stop!

 Friday, July 16 - Reunion officially begins 
Donna Powell & Jeane Koefelda greeted and registered us as we wandered in. Everyone got a cute cowboy hat name-tag and an invitation to choose one special gift handmade by Betty Gipe.  

Inside our HUGE Hospitality Suite... sisters Renee' Barron, Pat Henderson & Nita Swope organized our Faris Gallery while a long line of Faris men posted Gary Powell's  30' Family Tree. THE FAMILY TREE WAS AMAZING!  Soon folks were pointing and tracing their family connections to Ed and Nora. Revisions/additions were carefully noted for the next rendition.  

Just before lunch our stage, electronic & karaoke equipment arrived. (Thank you Russ!) In a nearby quiet spot, Wendy interviewed Mabel Walker for stories to share at Saturday's Follies.  Meanwhile more and more family kept showing up! Soon helping hands were raising FUNds for our 2015 Reunion by selling Faris Family Crest Medallions. (Thank you Sandy, Kim, Kathy and everyone who pitched in!)

Family enjoyed a full day of independent activities (see below).  When Jack Powell fired up the karaoke machine,  our hospitality suite came alive with song and dance.  Thank you George and Garret Lattin for managing the karaoke machine until 1 am...   

      Our family fun included:
        Exploring Missoula -->  25 THINGS TO DO:  
          Horse shoes by the creek .... Uncle Art's game called PLINKO... CORN COB... a swim in Ruby's pool... 
          Receiving a Commemorative Faris Reunion Medallion for $5 donation to our 2015 Reunion Fund 
          Reminiscing with family for hours... a cat nap... a good book... tv... listening to music on ipod
          Playing cards. drinking beer and karoke into wee hours of the morning in our hospitality suite
          The River Walk... Going to Despicable Me 3D movie... facebook family who couldn't be at reunion
          Enjoying meals  & snacks together @ nearby restaurants... trying luck @ casino... visiting Uncle Ralph
          Picking up family members at the airport

Saturday, July 17

Cleo Koefelda helped Donna & Jeane with registration. Seemed like nearly everyone at Ruby's was touting a cowboy hat name-tag.  Slowly and surely Betty's handmade gifts disappeared from the table into the happy fingers of our family members.

Inside our Hospitality Suite... sisters Renee' Bar, Pat & Nita continued to collect and display items for our Faris Gallery. OXOX to everyone who donated items to our Gallery!!  Raffle tickets solded like hot cakes!  Ever-changing circles of family mixed, mingled and merged around tables, by the pool, on the grass next to the creek, in bedrooms... every once in a while swinging by our hospitality suite for a refreshment. (Thanks Barb & Mike Lorsbach for the generous selection of snacks and drinks!)

The Faris clan enjoyed another great day of independent activity. Thanks to Barb Harness' on-the-spot organization, 30 early-rising family members went  river rafting.  While some family road the river, others enjoyed a pleasant walk next to it. Another group of fun-loving family enjoyed riding Missoula's Carousel - one of the first fully hand-carved to be built in the USA since the Great Depression. Touring Fort Missoula was also popular... so were cat naps in Ruby's comfy beds. 

By late afternoon, Penny and Gary Powell were busily setting up Saturday's Finale Feast. (Thank you Penny & Gary!!)  Gracie O'Brien did a great job decorating 25 rounds with
bright yellow table cloths and assorted pairs of cowboy boots.  Ryan "Rusty" Faris and Chef Gus kept bringing in mouth watering aromas as they piled our banquet tables with delicious morsels. Russ and Marilyn did everything they could to support their son in his big catering gig.

Meanwhile, Wendy recruited members of the Faris' younger generation to practice the opening act of the Faris Follies. (Thanks kids!! Wendy will post your names soon...)  Kameron Walker kindly slipped into the saddle of karaoke operator for the night. (Thank you Kameron!)  By 4:55 pm our hospitality suite was bursting at the seams with FARIS FAMILY in multi colored tshirts, big smiles and healthy appetites.  Our celebration began with savory appetizers and more bear hugs...  sprinkled with a couple tears of joy!  Effervescent conversation crescendoed into applause as family branches gathered on stage for group photos.. 

5-6 pm Faris Family Reunion Photo Shoot - Thanks Bill Gage!  

6 pm Faris Finale  FEAST!  Thanks Central Bar N Grill
Jack Daniels BBQ Ribs, Rosemary Roasted Chicken, and variety of side dishes (Potato Salad, Baby Red Potatoes, Coleslaw, Green Salad w/ Blue Cheese & Ranch Dressing, and Corn Bread). We'll also serve Mac n Cheese for vegetarians and kids. (Thanks Lois Harness for cooking the mac n cheese!)     Followed by yummy dessert and coffee.

6:45 pm:
  Faris Family Follies -  Let the Show Begin!

Molly Bresson & Emily Gage distributed HAPPY FINGER LIGHTS to everyone  (Thanks Barb & Mike for the cool lights!) just before Kool & the Gang's son CELEBRATE filled the room. Next Paul Lorsbach lead a long milar stream of happy fingered Faris children onto center stage. Round and round Abby, Heather, Jennifer, Claire, Taylor, Cory (who do we need to add?!) circled Paul until he became a DISCO BALL!    

Reunion Co-Chairs Gary Powell & Wendy Gage did their best to thank the MANY family members who so graciously helped with our 2010 Reunion.  Our Branch Coordinators came forward to take a bow:  Liz Christ, Leigh Marienthal, Eileen Trageser, Ken Faris, Lori Gach, Betty Gipe, Renee' Barron, Terry Faris and Russ Faris. Our Sunday Service Committee also came forward... Thank you Leigh & Thelma Noskog and Lois Harness! Caterers Ryan and Gus received a special set of thank you HAPPY FINGER LIGHTS.  

Tom Duffy shared a hilarious story about the "BC" before leading our family in a rousing rendition of MONTANA.  

Lois Harness & Eileen Trageser received RUBY Candles for being our WEBSITE PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS.

Ken Faris and his lovely Faris Gallery Gals (Ericka, Heather, Hannah, Katie and Abby) delivered gifts throughout our Follies to lucky raffle ticket holders.  (Congrats to DISCO PAUL for winning the box of cigars!) 

Charlie Christ shared warm thoughts and good advice (breathe & drink water) before inviting us to visit his dad, Ralph Christ.  Luke Brown followed with a wonderful voice and guitar serenade. Vince Koelfelda shared a fun memory before introducing our oldest living Faris Family member: Mabel Walker.  Mabel told us how much she loves us before Wendy shared highlights of Mabel's philosophy on parenting and special memories of being the daughter of Ed and Nora.  

Pam, George, Callie & Garrett Duffy Lattin received the AWARD for traveling the farthest for reunion. (FL)

Emily Walker received the AWARD for being the youngest. (11 months)  We also recognized soon-to be mothers!  (Already building for Reunion 2015!)

Bookend "FIRST COUSINS" Jeanne Koelfelda (oldest) and Janet Fairchild (youngest) shared heartfelt memories before Wendy sang a simple love song about family called "Sometimes". 

Lucille's Branch (all in YELLOW t-shirts) led us in our Follies finale song and dance:  WE ARE FAMILY by Sister Sledge.  The karoke machine never stopped for the rest of the night!  Family grazed on dessert and coffee and beer... some staying inside while others spilled out into the warm night on the green cool grass next to the creek.  The guys played Plunko and Corn Cob until who knows when...  

Sunday, July 18
Just before our service began, Manager Bill thanked us for hosting our Reunion @ Ruby's Inn.      

9 - 9:30 am
   Family Farewell Service  

           Opening Prayer - Leigh Norskog 
         Tribute - Lois Harness explained what was on the alter... and why.   
                      The Rugged Cross was built by Charlie Christ out of Milwaukee Railroad ties.
           Song: "The Old Rugged Cross"  - led by Thelma Norskog      Piano:  Pam Duffy (Lattin)
           Tribute to our Deceased  - Lois   RED ROSES were brought forward by family members.
           Song: "Nearer My God to Thee"
  - led by Thelma and daughter Lori    Piano: Pam
            Tribute  - Lois Harness     RED ROSES were brought forward by family members.
            Song: "Amazing Grace"  - led by Thelma and daughter Lori    Piano: Pam 
           Closing Prayer  - Leigh

Additional Announcements:  
         -- Wendy announced Gary Powell was recovering well after "freshening up" in the hospital overnight.
         -- We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KEN FARIS! 
         -- Donna Powell thanked the Faris Family for warmly welcoming her and all our PLUSes (Faris Spouses) deep into out Family.  She assured us John was smiling as he watched all of us enjoying our 2010 Family Reunion. A lovely "spreading of John's ashes" ceremony followed by the creek.  Tom Duffy lead the singing of the LORD'S PRAYER.  Debbie Martin made us smile when she shared a quote from Dr. Seuss.  We hugged and cried and hugged some more before saying goodbye.  

   Safe Travels Everyone... Fill your canteen... See you in 2015!
'The Old Rugged Cross' was one of Grandpa Ed Faris' favorite hymns.
"The Old Rugged Cross" was one of Grandpa Ed Faris' favorite hymns.
'Nearer My God To Thee' was played at Grandma Nora Faris' funeral.
"Nearer My God To Thee" was played at Grandma Nora Faris' funeral.

Missoula's Carousel is one of the first fully hand-carved to be built in the USA since the Great Depression
Missoula's Carousel is one of the first fully hand-carved to be built in the USA since the Great Depression

Eileen Trageser is our Photo Contest #2 WINNER! 'The photo displayed from the 1995 reunion of the children sitting on t
Eileen Trageser is our Photo Contest #2 WINNER! "The photo displayed from the 1995 reunion of the children sitting on the log are my seven grandchildren. From left to right: Kyle Trageser, Erin McKay, Darrin Trageser, Alison McKay, Lauren Trageser, Hayley Trageser, and Hannah Trageser."

2010 Faris Family Reunion
We need to know if you are or aren't attending this summer's shindig. So, please go to the bottom of 'Ruby's Inn & R
We need to know if you are or aren't attending this summer's shindig. So, please go to the bottom of "Ruby's Inn & RSVP" page..."SELECT AN EVENT" to let Gary & Wendy know your plans. Thanks much!

When: 07/16/2010 - 07/18/2010
Where: Ruby's Inn, Missoula, Montana

Contact: Wendy or Gary

Faris Finale Dinner
Please RSVP asap -- Thanks!
Please RSVP asap -- Thanks!

When: July 17, 2010 at 5pm
Where: Ruby's Five Valleys Center (Rm #500/600)

Contact: Gary Powell

Gary and Penny Powell are spearheading our reunion's Faris Family Finale Dinner. You'll need to RSVP for dinner.  Pricing information will be posted as details fall into place.   Let Gary know if you'd like to help on Finale Dinner Committee.

Wendy Gage is chairing our 2010 Faris Family Follies Committee - which follows dinner @ 6:30 pm. Admission to Follies is FREE! 

Please let Wendy know who you would like to see on stage and what contests you would most like brought back to our 2010 reunion (baldest, tallest, youngest, hairiest chest, came the farthest...) 

We've rented a karaoke system... so get ready to have fun singing favorites from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s... Let Wendy know specific titles you MIGHT be interested in singing and she will see if we can get  them for you! 

Wendy can be reached at or 206.463.2117.