Dora being recognized at 1995 Family Reunion.
Dora being recognized at 1995 Family Reunion.

Dora's thots.

as printed in 1995 Faris Reunion Book

     I dont know if Dad & Mother lived and farmed any other place other than Grandpa Robinson's in Indiana.  But that is where they were living when they decided to come to Montana.  Dad was longing for a place of his own.

     Mother had a brother Clarence Robinson and wife "Aunt Alice" who were living near Moore, Montana.  People had been homesteading in Montana but mos of the places were taken when my folks came in 1909.

     Dad, Mother and we 4 children -- Zelma, Ruth, myself and Roy came out by train arriving at Uncle Clarence's in Feb.  What a trip they must have had on the train with 4 little ones.  They shipped some of their furniture.  I remember they bought an organ.

     We stayed at Uncle Clarence's a month until Dad & Mother bought 160 A. with a 2 room house about 20 miles west of Moore.  Later Aunt Mattie bout 80 A. and Dad farmed it.  (A Minute Man Missile was later built on the NE corner of her 80 A.)

     A year or so after we moved out here Dad's "Old Maid" sister came to live with us in the summer time and taught school around when they needed a Teacher.  She took Zelma and Ruth to live with her and go to school a couple of years. Then she took me with her a couple of years.  When I lived with Aunt Mattie she would comb my hair in the evening, and I had to wear a night cap.  Then in the morning all she had to do was tie my ribbons on and I was ready for school.  We were living in a little shack maybe 10x12 in the yard of neighbors.  They had hogs and they were roaming around loose.  One day they rooted until they knocked down the clothes-line post.  Down went our clothes in the mud!  How I hoped that would be the end of my night caps!  No such good luck! Aunt Mattie just washed all the clothes over again!

     I learned to milk cows when I was about 5 years old.  I think Ruth did too.  Since Roy and Calvin were younger, I helped outside.  One evening when I went to the barn to gather eggs I found Rosie-- a 2 year old heifer - in the manger on her back.  I flew to the house and told Dad.  He grabbed the Ax on the way to the barn and chopped the manger down.  How the chips did fly!  And Rosie rolled out and seemingly none the worse for her experience.

     One summer evening we 4 children were playing with our Little Red Wagon out on the road in front of the house.  We must have been quite noisy for A. Mattie said to Mother, "Nora, cant you quiet the children down.  The neighbors will think you are raising Indians!"  We didnt have any neighbors closer than a half a mile, and I am sure if the neighbors heard us they wouldnt have minded a bit.  They would just have thot we were having a good time.

     I dont think we ever quarreled.  I cant ever rememer it.  Remember John B. Rauch?  He told Mother he had never seen such well behaved children.  I dont think Roy and Calvin ever quarreled either.  They used to play with Beer Bottles - they called them their horses.  They would dig holes in the sand banks around the fence -- and call them their barns.  Where they got the Beer Bottles I will never know.  There was no drinking around our place.

     Dad made home-made sleds for us in the winter time, and we always had a red wagon in summer time. In winter we played Parcheese, Fox and geese and Old Maid, Flinch in the evenings.

     Neighbors seemed to call on Mother whenever there was a new baby coming.  She didnt claim to be a "Mid wife" but she helped the Dr. bring several babies into the world.  One baby was so tiny they put it in a shoe box and put it on the oven door to keep warm.  Believe it or not -- the baby lived.

     Mother and Dad were both very helpful and many of the neighbors in times of sickness and death.  That was the way all survived.

     Zelma worked for Uncle Clarence and Aunt Alice on summer when Aunt Alice was sick.  Zelma was only 11 or 12 years old at the time -- but she did the cooking and baked bread.

     Take whatever you want and throw the rest away.  These are just some of my recollections.

     O yes, I used to drive 6 horses on Double Disc with Dad following with Drill.  One time a big nut came off the Disc and I kept losing one of the Discs at a time.  I was watching ahead to keep the horses on a certain line  -- but Dad finally got my attention; and we put the Disc back together.

     I used to drive the horses when they put the hay up into the hay mow using either a Fork or Slings.  I never liked that job.

     Thanks for the Tea.  It was good.


Note: This is not a Faris photo. Courtesy of google.
Note: This is not a Faris photo. Courtesy of google.